Anne Stagg

I am interested in moments where something that once had value, or meaning, is lost and found again: discovered anew in a different context. I use discarded industrial felt waste as a substrate for my recent paintings. I am drawn to the material aesthetically with its fuzzy texture and punched holes, but also because of its accrued history – much of it literally scarred by industrial production. I like that the tactility of the material evokes one response while the mechanical residue of production evokes another.

My work straddles the line of mass production and the hand-made: repetition in contrast with individual quirkiness. Play and experimentation are guiding forces in my work and I employ technology like vinyl plotters, laser cutters, and 3D printers alongside of traditional hand skills like painting, sewing, and fabrication. I intuitively explore color and pattern while intentionally eluding specific meaning. Stripped of context, color becomes a touchstone for memory and a catalyst for the imagination.

Exhibition at Unrequited Leisure,Exhibition at Unrequited Leisure, Nashville, Tennessee Exhibition at Unrequited LeisureExhibition at Unrequited Leisure Nashville, Tennessee Loop-de-loop | acrylic on feltLoop-de-loop | acrylic on felt 14" x 48" Loop-de-loop, detailLoop-de-loop, detail   Over & Over | vinyl paint on feltOver & Over | vinyl paint on felt 28" x 2" x 7" Over & Over, detailOver & Over, detail   Linked | acrylic on feltLinked | acrylic on felt   Linked, detail | acrylic on feltLinked, detail | acrylic on felt   Spin, vinyl paint on feltSpin, vinyl paint on felt 13" x 2" x 13" Tightly Wound but Not Enough  Tightly Wound but Not Enough vinyl paint on felt | 15"x14" Tightly Wound but Not Enough-detailTightly Wound but Not Enough-detail   Unwound | vinyl paint on feltUnwound | vinyl paint on felt 22" x 7" x 2" Midnight Run | 36" x 36" | acrylic Midnight Run | 36" x 36" | acrylic   Lost in the Forest | 36" x 36"Lost in the Forest | 36" x 36"   Red Sky at Night | 12" x 12"Red Sky at Night | 12" x 12"   Red Sky at Night, det.Red Sky at Night, det.   Feeling the Blues | 24" x 24"Feeling the Blues | 24" x 24"   Iced Cantaloupe | 24" x 24"Iced Cantaloupe | 24" x 24"   Iced Cantaloupe, det.Iced Cantaloupe, det.   Summertime Laughter | 36" x 36"Summertime Laughter | 36" x 36"   Strolling Through English GardensStrolling Through English Gardens   Cautionary Tale | 12" x 12"Cautionary Tale | 12" x 12"   Cerulean Lake | 12" x 12"Cerulean Lake | 12" x 12"   Lilac Dust | 12" x 12"Lilac Dust | 12" x 12"   My Favorite Emoji | 6" x 6"My Favorite Emoji | 6" x 6"  
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