Anne Stagg

Pattern is often considered through visual terms, however it is also manifest in other ways including behaviorally, predictively, recursively, and so on. In this body of work, I set out to explore places where behavior patterns overlapped with visual patterns. I found a case study in the way that seasonal color trends are promoted in print sales catalogs. Often next to an item, stripes of colors show the colors in which products are offered. I began cutting out color samples from every catalog I received and soon accumulated a pile of clippings in which stripes of color swatches were stacked upon each other. These stacked stripes of color swatches became the inspiration for this series of paintings.

When removed from the catalog format, these colorful artifacts reference other things and take on new meaning. I began thinking about how such a simple format has influenced the purchasing habits of millions and how much information is imbedded here. My paintings are abstractions of these color swatches and feature one color more heavily among the seemingly endless stacks of stripes.

Summertime | 36" x 36"Summertime | 36" x 36"   Lost in the Forest | 36" x 36"Lost in the Forest | 36" x 36"   Midnight Run | 36" x 36" | acrylic Midnight Run | 36" x 36" | acrylic   Iced Cantaloupe | 24" x 24"Iced Cantaloupe | 24" x 24"   Iced Cantaloupe, detailIced Cantaloupe, detail   Cautionary Tale | 12" x 12"Cautionary Tale | 12" x 12"   Cerulean Lake | 12" x 12"Cerulean Lake | 12" x 12"   Lilac Dust | 12" x 12"Lilac Dust | 12" x 12"   My Favorite Emoji | 6" x 6"My Favorite Emoji | 6" x 6"   Studio WorkStudio Work   Work in ProgressWork in Progress   Work in ProgressWork in Progress  
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