Anne Stagg

These colorful geometric abstractions are inspired by the complexities of work/life balance. Like many women, I often tend to overload my schedule, do too many things, fill too many roles, and rarely take time for self-care. A couple of years ago, I reached a breaking point. I had been caring for an elderly parent with significant medical needs, parenting a small child, sleeping very little, and working full time teaching and serving as Associate Chair during significant transition and upheaval in my department and college, all while untenured. This experience caused me to realize just how often I was running to catch up, working ahead whenever possible to create some breathing room, and in all other times, just balancing as many obligations as possible. In this body of work called, Principle of Moments, I try to capture the frenetic, saturated, and sometimes overwhelming aspects alongside metered rhythms that act as a balancing framework. The tension within the works speaks to the struggle to maintain balance. Some works seem more stable while others carry forward an element of organized chaos. Within this series, there are also paintings on reclaimed felt. The industrial felt remnants are cast-offs whose value was previously deemed spent. More playful in form, these works explore similar ideas while also responding to the material and allowing it to suggest a form. This discarded material bears perforations and scars of its previous use and I enjoy discovering new ways to make it relevant once more.

In an era when we still cannot elect a woman to the office of President, we need to acknowledge how hard women work and how much of that work is all but invisible.

Principle of Moments

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