Anne Stagg


This work grew out of my interest in the intersection of manufactured and handmade, machine and human, hidden and visible. I set out to make constructions that upon first glance, looked like they were produced and/or had a specific function or purpose. I began with sewn fabric and dipped it in rubber to add a coating to the hand knots and stitches and push back the handmade quality. After experimenting with this idea, I came to realize that the sewn constructions were already a bit strange and interesting without the rubber surface. Upon encountering these pieces, it seems unlikely that one would hand sew something on this scale that has no function or value and thus, the pieces allude to a purpose. Whether acting as a column or a makeshift wall or screen, the pieces in the Notions series are installed in a way that calls attention to the architecture of the space and our relation to it.

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