Anne Stagg

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artist statement: Felt | See more recent work or select from the galleries menu.

Mountain - Molehill | vinyl on feltMountain - Molehill | vinyl on felt 49"x18"x3" Linked | vinyl paint on feltLinked | vinyl paint on felt 7-8" links, chain length 345" Loop-de-loop | acrylic & vinylLoop-de-loop | acrylic & vinyl paint on felt | 14" x 42" x 12" High Cotton | vinyl on feltHigh Cotton | vinyl on felt 14"x18"x20" Spin 1&2, green sideSpin 1&2, green side vinyl paint | 18"x4"x18" Spin 1&2, red sideSpin 1&2, red side vinyl paint | 18"x4"x18" Spin, red side detailSpin, red side detail   Tightly Wound, But Not EnoughTightly Wound, But Not Enough vinyl paint | 15x14x4" Over and Over | vinyl paint on feltOver and Over | vinyl paint on felt 28"x2"x7" Over and Over, detailOver and Over, detail   Spin | vinyl paint on rolled feltSpin | vinyl paint on rolled felt 13"x2"x13"
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